Commercial Land

Mount Wynne and Peter's Hope

With three long stretches of beach backed by nearly 500 acres of greenfield land, Mount Wynne and Peter’s Hope offer a significant development opportunity in the tourism sector. Located on the sheltered leeward coast of St. Vincent, the steep hillsides and flat valley plains are self-contained and well suited to larger developments such as resorts, holiday homes, golf courses, etc. The sea itself is a busy thoroughfare of yachts, cruise ships and even whales following the island chain and as such the location would be perfect for a tourist marina, currently few and far between. From rich tropical flora to sands that slope gently into the Caribbean Sea, the diverse ecology features former plantation coconut trees, rivers, trails, ancient rock carvings, set against a backdrop of La Soufrière volcano and its foothills, creating a location of many possibilities.

Much of the area is flat land.

Two long beaches of Mt. Wynne.

Plantation coconut trees can still be seen.

Nearby resort and holiday homes.

Peter's Hope Beach

Former sugar and coconut estates.