Commercial Land

Buccament Valley Casino & Golf Club

Set in the verdant Buccament Valley of Central Leeward, St. Vincent and fringed by volcanic hillsides, is the Emerald Valley Casino. This development of land and buildings includes: a scenic approach over two stone bridges, club house, riverside cabin apartments, function rooms, bars, kitchen, offices, swimming pools, tennis courts, landscaped gardens, fairway and outhouses. The low-key architecture fits in well with the area and its construction is of high-quality, primarily dressed stone and purple heart. It is suited to operation as a hotel, golf club, casino, restaurant and hosting events such as: conferences, courses, team retreats, parties, receptions, exhibitions and tournaments, etc. The surrounding countryside and nature trails make it a good base for outdoor activities and there is plenty of fairway and open land remaining to reprise the golf course operation.

Old sugar plantation water wheel.

Outbuildings and bars behind an orange Pride of Barbados.

Main entrance.

Balmy fairway.

Volcanic hillsides backdrop.

Function room with gaming tables.

Covered function area and swimming pool.

Riverside cabin balcony.